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FAQ - How do your prices compare?
Most dealers replace unnecessary parts that will raise your total cost. Because of the complex nature of your car, the dealers tend to replace too many extra parts that may cause problems.

Our Master Technicians are specialized in cost effective repair so we can help you save money. We do not replace unnecessary parts. We only repair what is needed on your vehicle.

This way we can typically
save our customers on the average of 15% - 30% on repairs compared to the dealer, for the same OEM parts.

The parts and systems under the hood of your car will eventually wear out. For example, your alternator might die, your transmission will begin shifting hard, and your engine may start to misfire. When your vehicle needs repairs or replacement parts, it's tempting to drive to the dealership. After all, they're the experts.

The issue is, the service department at the dealer rarely has the best interests of their customers in mind. For them, the priority is profit.

"How can you determine what maintenance items need to be addressed. The best approach is to refer to your owner's manual. It will list each item that should be checked, and when to check them. Unfortunately, millions of people rarely, if ever, refer to their manuals. This leads to unnecessary - and costly - maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts.

Unless a problem has already surfaced, refer to the service schedule in your owner's manual to decide what services your car needs. You'll save money and time while becoming better informed about your vehicle."

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